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Jesus Jones were set to start their highly-anticipated North American tour this week in Florida, but they ended up cancelling the first couple of shows , Including Ludlow Garage Cincinnati Sunday, June 25th due to huge delays in being granted visa approval. Those delays have now sadly forced the band to cancel the whole tour. 

The band’s frontman, Mike Edwards, was devastated by the news. “We’ve worked non-stop to make this tour a success, and we were looking forward to being back in North America so much. I can’t believe it’s all been taken away” But Edwards also stuck a note of hope amidst the frustration: “We’re even more committed to making a tour work though: if we have to come back in a month, two months, three – however long it takes – we’re determined to be back, and to give the fans the chance to come and see us play”

The band’s manager (and Keyboard player) Iain Baker explained how the visa process had become mired in delays, leaving the band unable to make any firm plans. “The process of touring is so much more expensive than it was, post-covid, and the financial pressure of organising equipment, flights and other expenses, whilst being unable to predict when we would be allowed into the country meant we just hit a brick wall”, he said. “It’s been the toughest few weeks of our career, fighting to try and make it work”. He went on to say that far from leaving the band broken, the entire saga had left them even more eager to return: “This was going to be such a great tour, and I think it still can be, and still will be. We’ll get those visas eventually, and we can get it all back together. It may take a little while longer, but I want everyone to hold tight for a while; we’ll do all we can to be back, I promise”

The original tour was to see Jesus Jones making a triumphant return to the US and Canada after a long hiatus: it was to have been their first proper North American¬†tour in over two decades, and was set to celebrate their thirty-fifth anniversary. The band have already begun work on rescheduling the dates, they’re asking their fans to bear with them, whilst they get a new tour together, and they’ll have news on that, very soon.

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